Healing Tree of Lost Love

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Healing Tree of Lost LoveIn a far away place there is a Tree of Healing for those burdened by thoughts of Lost Love or Missed Opportunity.  It is reported the Tree is high upon a mountaintop, with endless views in every direction of astonishing clarity and beauty.  A long, winding, well-trodden ancient stone footpath leads from the lush meadows below to a flat, rocky summit where this Tree has stood since before Human Time began.

As one approaches this place there is an endless line of pilgrims, stretching far into the distant reaches of those meadows, many making their way in solemn, pensive silence toward the beginning of the path to the summit.

They come – women and men, younger and older, from every country and nation…….

…from The Story of the Healing Tree of Lost Love and Missed Opportunity

To complete their journey to the Tree of Healing of Lost Love and Missed Opportunity, pilgrims need to pass through Seven Gates:

Gate One:  The Pool of Memories

Gate Two:  The Place of Anger

Gate Three:  The Waterfall of Understanding

Gate Four:  The Maze of Acceptance

Gate Five:  The Garden of Forgiveness

Gate Six:  The Grand Courtyard of the Tree of Healing

Gate Seven:  The Way to New Possibilities

 Your story, “The Tree of Healing,” is magnificent.   Thank you for sending your latest revision.   I’ve read it in one sitting!   — L.R. in PA (Spiritual Director)

Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, and wow!  I am astounded, speechless, and very moved by your story. Wow, again. There is no doubt in my mind that this is divinely inspired. Wow.  – V.L.D. in MD (Pastoral Counselor and Author)

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5 Responses to “Healing Tree of Lost Love”

  1. Lutie Rayhart says:

    Thank you for a beautifully written and thought provoking story that can be a useful tool and inspiration for anyone who has lived life. It’s message is clear and honest and timeless. Understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and healing are musts for all mankind to achieve in order to move forward and be productive in their lives. We can only help others when we ourselves have made this journey. As someone who works with people everyday from all walks of lives, and listens to their story and the pain some live with daily, this story offers hope and inspiration. It is a gift to be shared.

    Congratulations on a beautiful read and resource.
    Lutie Rayhart

  2. Deb Cohen says:

    I am impressed with the preview copy and look forward to the final copy. As I work in the field of susbstance abuse and addiction, for the recovery process to succeed, there definately needs to be a way to say goodbye, the love that is lost being one of a love who has betrayed….the healing process of recovery begins with the long and forlorn grieving of saying the goodbyes. Doing so in the form of storytelling, such an ancient form of healing, makes it more poignent and more powerful. thank you
    Deb Cohen

  3. Vicki Duncan says:

    Wonderful! A rich, relevant, and well-written tale that has applications for anyone who is human, who has loved, and who has lost someone or something precious to them. In other words, it applies to all of us!

    Congratulations and best wishes for getting the word of this amazing story out to the wide audience that it so deserves.

  4. Dee Hirsh says:

    What an inspired story and has multiple possibilities for therapeutic and personal healing. As a therapist, the Seven Gates provide an excellent framework for those clients which have experienced tremendous losses and are searching for hope and healing in the future. Well done and thank you!

  5. Marie Erb-Crow says:

    Thank you for having the creativity, the fortitude and the will to craft your wonderful story of healing. It describes, in a gorgeous metaphor, one of the most humbling and beneficial experiences that we humans take in life, sometimes over and over…the journey from pain to healing to possibility that I have seen so many clients travel. Nice work!

    Marie Erb-Crow

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